The very best systems connectivity solutions

Complete fttx systems and end-to-end solutions

We believe in delivering the highest possible quality in all our products. Working with industry leading manufacturers, using the best components and materials, we offer the most complete FTTx portfolio that guarantees a future proofed network.  

Fibre Cable

Whether it’s feeder, distribution or the last mile, we offer the full range of fibre cable for any application and installation method. 

All of our cable is manufactured to the highest quality and meets all industry standards. 

  • Blown Micro Cable
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Air Blown Fibre
  • Duct Grade 
  • Armoured 


We offer the right type of ducts for all feeder, distribution or drop network applications along with the full range of accessories and fittings.

Our ducts are manufactured to the highest standards, giving you the most reliable protection underground.

  • Subduct
  • Microduct
  • Bundled Ducts
  • uPVC
  • Accessories


The full range of enclosures and outlets for fibre optic installations in outdoor and indoor environments.

All designed to suit your network with a modular fibre management, for all types of cables and microducts. 

  • Aerial Node
  • Underground
  • SDU
  • MDU


A complete range of sectional, modular and structural preformed access chambers for footway and carriage way installations. 

Access chambers are manufactured to ensure they are light in weight yet very strong, offering time saving benefits and a reduction in costs.

  • Footway
  • Carriageway
  • Toby Boxes
  • Furniture Kits
  • Mobra Brackets
  • Sump Grates


We have you covered no matter your interconnect application, whether it is the central office, the access node or the customer connection.

We supply the complete range of products, bespoke to your needs and industry approved, promising reliable and future-proof fibre optic connections.

  • Drop Cables
  • Splitters
  • PIA Accessories
  • Patchleads

Active Equipment

Whether you are at the service provider’s central office or at the end user premises, having the right active equipment is essential.

We offer you an interoperable solution. This gives you freedom of choice and openness, eliminating vendor locking and reducing complex solutions.

  • OLTs
  • ONTs
  • SFPs
  • Transceivers


We provide tailored FTTx outdoor cabinet solutions, purposefully engineered to safeguard communication and active electronic equipment in all outdoor environments. 

  • Single or double door with end compartments
  • Forced ambient air or heat exchanger cooling systems
  • In-ground roots or over-ground plinth systems
  • Bespoke sizes and colours available
  • Pre-staged solutions to enable “ready-for-service” (RFS) cabinets
  • Electronic NFC door access control
  • Environmental monitoring and third party vendor equipment control
street cabinet