Altnets’ Insightful Visit to FIBRAIN: Strengthening Bonds and Embracing Growth


The Altnets team recently had the privilege of visiting our partner, FIBRAIN, a leading player and manufacturer in the telecommunications industry, based in Poland. From educational factory tours to personal interactions with industry experts, Altnets’ time at FIBRAIN was nothing short of enlightening.

FIBRAIN is one of the biggest optical fibre manufacturing centres in Europe, producing the highest quality fibre cabling and passive optical equipment. Altnets acts as the main distributor partner for FIBRAIN’s fibre optic products in the UK; we supply alternative networks that support the Government’s pledge to upgrade the nation to full gigabit-capable broadband by 2030. Together, we also design and manufacture custom-made products for the UK telecoms market.

The highlight of the visit to Poland was the full-day factory tour, where the team had the opportunity to explore FIBRAIN’s operations. Altnets was able to visit three of FIBRAIN’s facilities: Fibre Manufacturing, the Drawing Tower (for drawing fibre out of glass), and the Connectivity Manufacturing facility. This firsthand experience provided key members of our team with invaluable insights into the intricate processes involved in manufacturing fibre and cables. From witnessing the manufacturing processes to understanding the craftsmanship behind each product, the experience was truly eye-opening.

Our trip also aimed to foster stronger partnerships between Altnets and FIBRAIN. For newer members of the Altnets team, it was an exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in FIBRAIN’s industry-leading practices and gain invaluable insight into the production of fibre cabling. Meeting face-to-face with our counterparts at FIBRAIN added a personal touch to our professional relationships. It was particularly impactful as some departments had previously communicated solely through email. This personal interaction has not only strengthened our partnership but has also paved the way for more effective collaboration in the future.

Our Co-Founder Sam Bangle, who attended the trip, says: “We have a long relationship with FIBRAIN and our visit to Poland was far more than just a factory tour; it was a trip of learning and strengthening partnerships.

“This experience has not only deepened Altnets’ understanding of the fibre industry but has also cemented a positive relationship between our two companies. We hope to drive further innovation and success together in the future.”

As Altnets recently celebrated its third birthday, FIBRAIN honoured us with an internal award during the visit, a testament to the strong partnership and collaborative spirit shared between the two companies.

Our team’s visit to FIBRAIN acted as a testament to the importance of observational learning and the power of collaboration. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to FIBRAIN for their warm hospitality, insightful tours, and support. As we reflect on our time in Poland, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to strengthening our partnership in the years to come.

If FIBRAIN’s products could support your infrastructure build, get in touch with our team to discuss your needs now: [email protected]