Altnets joins Worthing Tuition Centre’s sponsorship programme

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Altnets has sponsored a local child’s educational tuition for the next 12 months.

We have recently joined Worthing Tuition Centre’s sponsorship programme to support a local child’s private tuition for a year.

Worthing Tuition Centre aims to give children a better start in life through education. The organisation was established in 2004. They tutor children after school hours in English, Maths, Science and primary education from the ages of 6-16 years (GCSE). They currently have eight qualified teachers providing tuition.

The Centre operates using a blended learning model. Students follow individual programmes, specifically addressed to their needs, working in small groups. They use a variety of tools (text books, worksheets, personal computers) to achieve maximum success.

Worthing Tuition Centre supports families with children who require extra help with their school education. After finding that some families do not have the means to start or continue paying for private tuition for their child, and therefore require funding to access their services, they introduced the Worthing Tuition Sponsorship programme in July 2022.

Altnets is one of the first wave of sponsors. As a company, we feel strongly about children having access to the education they deserve and being given every available opportunity. Part of our company ethos is to give back to our local area in East Sussex, so we were keen to come on board and sponsor a child’s tuition through the Worthing Centre.

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