Our Approach to Supporting our Team’s Wellbeing

Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month drew to a close at the end of last month, so we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the steps we’ve undertaken to aid the wellbeing of our valued and award-winning team. For us, promoting a supportive and healthy work environment isn’t just a goal—it’s one of our core principles that influences how we operate as a company. 

We understand that our team members’ health encompasses not only their physical health but extends to their mental and emotional wellbeing. That’s why we’ve implemented a range of resources and initiatives to support them with their work-life balance and overall health. 

At the centre of our approach is flexibility. We understand that each member of our team has unique needs and preferences when it comes to managing stress. That’s why we offer a flexible working structure that allows our employees the freedom to choose where they work. Whether they prefer the sociable office environment or the convenience of working from home, we empower our team members to find the balance that works best for them. 

We provide our team members with a travel allowance to get them out of the office and visiting clients and manufacturers across the globe. Whether it’s a trip to our partners in Poland, Ireland, Germany, or Italy, we believe in the power of firsthand experiences to deepen their understanding of the telecoms industry and strengthen our collaborative relationships. Altnets handles all the logistics, so our team members can focus on what matters most – building meaningful connections and learning on the job in a new environment. 

Our Finance and Office Manager, Maia Wade-Davies shares her experience of working for Altnets for almost three years now: “Like any workplace, we can have days of being very busy which are occasionally stressful. But I feel like Altnets as a business is very supportive, always ensuring we have the right level of staff to manage workloads, and holding regular ‘check ins’ and catch-ups with the Directors themselves. 

I also think it’s a huge positive that they have offered to fund gym memberships for staff, as for me this is a big stress relief. We also have access to private healthcare and other health-focused apps through the business. Specifically, the team have access to Vitality, a healthcare insurance app, and Employee EAP through My Health Assured and their app, for mental health, which offers a set of wellbeing tools designed to support overall health.” 

In addition to providing essential tools for work, such as laptops and mobile phones of the staff members’ choice of operating system, we recognise the importance of investing in our team. That’s why, earlier this year, we organised a staff weekend retreat, providing a space for everyone to unwind, step away from their daily tasks and engage in activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. From morning yoga sessions to team-building exercises, the retreat offered an opportunity for our staff to reduce any work-related stress and recharge. 

Furthermore, our Director and Founder, Sam Bangle, recently completed a HSE bitesize-learning module focused on reducing the risk of stress in the workplace. This training equips our leadership with knowledge and tools to address potential stressors effectively, ensuring that our office remains a healthy and supportive environment for all employees. 

During Stress Awareness Month, we encouraged everyone to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing, both in and out of the workplace. Whether through practising mindfulness, regular physical activity, or seeking support from friends and colleagues, there are countless ways to manage the stress of daily life. 

We want Altnets to be the best place to work in Brighton. As the business grows, we want to be held in extremely high regard both within the industry and as a local employer. Our ambition is to be a company that nurtures and retains its staff, supporting them on their career journeys and making them feel excited to come to work with us every day. 

For more information go to the HSE website.