Altnets partners with OFS Optics to supply multi-dwelling units with high-speed fibre optic broadband


Over the past few months, the partnership between Altnets and OFS Optics has gone from strength to strength, supporting residents in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) across the UK to gain access to premium, high-speed broadband. 

OFS Optics is a producer and manufacturer of optical fibre, fibre optic cables and connectivity solutions. The global company has cable manufacturing centres across the world from Morocco to the US, and logistics centres located in Denmark, Germany, and the UK. Products, including fibre optic cable and fibre drop terminals, are imported to the UK every week from the Morocco manufacturing plant to their warehouse in East Anglia, then shipped directly to Altnets’ customers. 

We, at Altnets, are a UK-based, multi award-winning telecoms procurement specialist providing tailor-made, turnkey solutions to our customers. We work closely with partners such as OFS Optics to deliver an efficient service, reduce product delivery times, and navigate supply chain issues. All our manufacturing partners are hand-selected for their quality, ethics, and sustainability standards. 

As a result of our partnership with OFS Optics, we are able to supply internet service providers with the necessary products to connect residents in multi-dwelling units to high-speed fibre optic broadband. OFS’s fibre drop terminals can be installed outside a customer’s premises, alongside a single 2mm cable, that connects up to 16 customers to high-speed broadband. Multiple cables are simply installed for different MDU topologies. Installation is incredibly simple, as a thin cord is fitted along the wall and ceiling seam. This is minimalistic for aesthetic purposes and hugely reduces disruption in retrofitting apartment buildings, as integral restructuring would be impractical for residents. 

Reflecting on the first year of the partnership, Martin Warne, Key Account Manager in the UK for OFS Optics, says: “Through partnering with Altnets, we are able to provide our range of MDU products and support the UK’s infrastructure upgrade to gigabit broadband.

“We needed a partner to connect our product range to UK customers; Altnets was the obvious choice. With their telecoms contacts and expertise, we have been able to supply a number of internet service providers with solutions for the tricky task of upgrading MDUs to fibre networks with minimal disruption and cost. Altnets’ unparalleled knowledge of the UK fibre optic market has greatly benefitted OFS in their expansion within the UK.”  

Altnets has a strong history of partnership, working successfully alongside full-fibre service providers, installers, and manufacturers to supply the telecoms industry with the largest and best standard of products in the UK. 

Our Co-Founder and Director, Paul Britnell, says: “We took the opportunity to approach OFS Optics over a year ago to propose a long-term partnership, as the products they supply align with Altnets’ company values of quality and simplicity, as well as providing incredible value for money. We can now provide turnkey solutions to our customers for connecting MDUs, offering short lead times and excellent supply chain forward forecasting due to our great relationship with our colleagues at OFS Optics. 

“Like us, OFS have a commitment to customer satisfaction, whilst prioritising teamwork and integrity.  The partnership is a perfect example of how we hand-pick manufacturers to guarantee excellence and collaboration, therefore providing our customers with high-grade services and products.”

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