Altnets publishes first-ever Telecoms Procurement Research Report looking at the full fibre supply chain with the support of ISPA

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We are thrilled to announce that we have published an innovative research report, the first of its kind in a collaboration with ISPA. We take a close look at the UK full fibre broadband sector, investigating the various challenges and opportunities that internet service providers (ISPs) face within the industry. Through this report, we aim to provide a unique perspective on the trajectory of the telecoms sector.

Altnets formed a partnership with ISPA as a Procurement Partner at the beginning of 2023 and since, we have been working together closely to support the telecoms industry in the UK. Our collaborative effort has resulted in a report that not only reflects the current state of the sector but also examines the events that, over the last decade, have played a pivotal role in shaping its advancement.

Our report offers a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and successes within the UK’s full fibre broadband sector. We take a close look at the issues that ISPs have faced in the construction of fibre infrastructure, emphasising the crucial role that robust procurement plans play in influencing the sector’s success. It is our belief that a resilient and strategic approach to procurement can mitigate risks and contribute significantly to the growth and stability of the sector.

The 2024 Telecoms Procurement Research Report covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Product manufacturing
  • Socioeconomic factors
  • Consumer take-up
  • Geography
  • Consolidation and attracting investment
  • Ramping up versus restraints in industry regulations
  • Skills shortages
  • Global competition


As we continue to navigate the fast-evolving full fibre industry, the Procurement Report  sheds light on the complexities of the sector supply chain, supporting industry leaders to make more informed decisions and contribute to the evolution of a robust and resilient telecoms landscape.

Paul Britnell, our Co-Founder and Director says: “The last decade has presented unprecedented challenges to our industry; therefore, the need for a secure and sustainable supply chain has become more pronounced than ever. The telecoms sector’s resilient response to past challenges highlights its adaptability, yet there is a need for continuous learning and ongoing effective engagement with our supply chains.

“As society transforms more and more into a digital landscape, where fast broadband is essential for every UK resident, quality connectivity is paramount for the UK’s economic advancement. Networks must evolve and adapt their Network Operations continuously, utilising new and emerging technologies to ensure optimisation, continuity, and security of their essential assets.”

The detailed analysis within the report has been conducted through extensive consultations with a diverse group of industry experts. These experts, renowned for their leadership in the sector, have generously shared their valuable insights and collaborated with our research team to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The information gathered from these consultations forms the backbone of our report and ensures its accuracy, depth, and relevance.

The conclusions of this Report not only act as an evaluation tool for the current state of the UK fibre sector but also provide an insight into the future of fibre in terms of reaching the target of connecting every nationwide property by 2030.

As we reflect on this project’s journey, from inception to completion, we are immensely grateful for the outstanding teamwork, expertise, and commitment demonstrated by all who were involved. This report highlights what can be achieved when our sector comes together with a shared purpose. Thank you to all who contributed to the content of this Report.

The full report can be viewed at: