Introducing our partners: CBS Products


CBS Products were one of the first manufacturing partners we brought on board when we launched Altnets in November 2020. We chose to work with them as they fit our company mission to supply our customers with the best quality, locally sourced products.

Established in 1971, CBS Products are at the forefront of cabling technology. The company designs and manufactures telecommunications equipment for projects around the world, all from their warehouse in Oakham, Rutland. Their portfolio of products includes the ‘Tornado series’ fibre optic cable blowing machine, which provides a modern method of blowing cables down ducts using compressed air. The Tornado has outperformed rival products under rigorous testing conditions, leading it to be the blowing machine of choice in the industry.

Paul Britnell, Director of Altnets, says: “We only partner with the best manufacturers in the UK, and CBS Products certainly fits the bill. We hand-picked CBS Products as a partner due to the specialised equipment they are able to provide for our customers from within the UK, preventing the need to source imports from countries such as China. Their central location in Rutland helps us to reduce delivery times and carbon emissions across our supply chain. But, most importantly, CBS Products’ equipment are designed and manufactured within the UK and are of the highest quality.”

James Shaw, Sales Manager at CBS Products, says: “We are very proud to work with Altnets. The company’s fresh approach to doing business in terms of creating partnerships with a selection of manufacturers works well with our business model. We have a long-standing, positive relationship with Paul from his background within the telecoms industry, which is why we didn’t hesitate to jump on board when he launched Altnets. Everyone at the company has been a pleasure to work with and we appreciate the opportunity for our products to support the UK’s switch to full fibre.”

CBS Products’ expertise has been recognised across the telecoms industry. As well as Altnets, they partner with major players including BT. Click here for more information about CBS Products.